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About Jhalda

Jhalda is a small town, located in the Eastern Part of India in the state of West Bengal. The city forms a part of the Purulia District, and is situated quiet close to the Jharkhand. Chandrapura, Phusro, etc. are some of the nearby towns with Ranchi District forming its western border. A serene little town the place is endowed with immense natural beauty and thus is the perfect place for those who want a quiet retreat on weekends. This town with rich historical heritage is rapidly progressing towards modernisation with the district administration making continuous efforts in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

About Jhalda
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The ancient temples, wetlands, water bodies, natural wonders and historical monuments make this place a must on the travel itinerary of the tourists. The city is well connected via rail & road to other parts of the state. So Plan a trip to this unexplored beauty of West Bengal and rejuvenate yourself by utilizing all the information given below.

History of Jhalda

In 1956, the British East India Company took control over the region by acquiring the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa territories. Purulia district was formed in the year 1956 and Jhalda became one of the main subdivisions of the district. Jhalda, became a municipality in the year 2009 and today comprises of two development blocks namely Kotshila and Mosina. The historical monuments present in the region tell a tale of its rich traditions till now.

Geography of Jhalda

The town of Jhalda is lies at 23.37°North and 85.97°East with an area of 290 square kilometres. Located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau it has elevations, wet patches and scattered hills giving it a rugged terrain. The main hills surrounding the town are Shikra, Bansa, Kopla, and Silphor and this hilly region is the place from where the main river Kangsabati originates.

Administration of Jhalda

The Jhalda municipality area has been further divided into 12 Gram Panchayats or Block Samitis for smooth administration. The main Gram Panchayats or Wards of Jhalda are Mathari-Khamar, Nayadih, Pusti, Hensahatu, Ichag, Iloo-Jargo, Jhalda-Darda, Kalma, Maru-Mosina, and Tulin. Jhalda Municipal Body is the main administrative unit looking after the day –to-day administration of the city from clean water supply, construction of roads, sewage disposal to tax collection. The Jhalda Municipality has population of nearly 19,544 and the civic body efficiently handles the administration more than 3,676 houses. A significant part of the population comprises of Schedule Castes & Tribes who enjoy special benefits as administered by the government from time to time. Bengali is the main Local Language spoken here besides Hindi and some English also.

Jhalda Municipality Office
Government Office
Address: Jhalida, West Bengal 723202

Economy of Jhalda

Jhalda due to its proximity to Purulia benefits a lot. There are a large number of Beedi Manufacturing Units which provide employment opportunities to the residents of the region. A small unit of Arambagh Hatcheries is also present in Jhalda, which also gives employment to a number of local people. Besides these agriculture, local art & handicraft, etc. also form a means of livelihood for the residents of the region.

Tourist Attractions in Jhalda

Surrounded by beautiful small hillocks, dense jungles and gushing rivers the town of Jhalda offers the perfect retreat for the tired traveller. Some of the major tourist attractions of Jhalda include Chelliama, Ajodhya, Sirkabad, Hills, Norahara, Murguma and the historical ruins of several 7th century Jain temples in Balrampur. People come here to enjoy the lush green forests and refreshing water bodies thus making it a paradise on earth. Some of the main places of interest in Jhalda include:

Muruguma: A perfect place for a rejuvenating break, Muruguma is a small village present near Jhalda. One can reach till the nearest station which is Barabhum and then take a bus ride to Muruguma via Koreng More. There is an irrigation bungalow present in Muruguma which serves as a camping site. On reaching, visit the Kairabera a huge water reservoir and then one can go for trekking to nearby Chintoo Hill and the Muruguma Lake. The view from top of the hill is really breathtaking with natural greenery all around and a beautiful island in centre of the lake. One can spot Cormorants in this region with the River Girigiri gushing away in the background. Aranyak Eco-Camping Retreat is a good place to indulge in night sky watching, trekking, etc. and be one with nature. The camp has no electricity and runs on solar power which is a unique initiative.

To get a glimpse of the tribal lifestyle do explore the many small tribal villages like Loya, Mamudi, Jering Sering, etc. You will be mesmerized by the simple mud huts, large expanses of fields, fresh air and a serene and calm environment. The locals are simple & friendly folks and one can watch their local dance and rituals and even buy some unique handicrafts as souvenirs. Begun Kodor is a small place nearby where one can go to get a glimpse of majestic palace and a historical temple.

Sirkabad: Located near to Jhalda town is another famous place called Sirkabad which is at a height of 304m. The place is quiet popular for it beautiful natural surroundings and unmatched beauty. One can easily reach the place by taking a bus from the Purulia Railway Station while enjoying the breathtaking scenery on the way.

Chelliama: A small village near Jhalda, this place is famous for the historical Radha Benoda Temple. Every year hundreds of devotees visit this temple to pay homage to their deities and offer prayers.

Balarampur: Situated at the lowest steps of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, this place is very near to Jhalda and adjacent to the Ajodhya Hills. Tourists come here to visit the historical Palma Balrampur temple and offer prayers. The temple lying on the banks of Kasai River has images of Jain Tirthankaras amongst many others. Visitors coming here are enchanted by the scenic beauty of the place; once can also visit the famous lac industry present in this region.

Healthcare Services in Jhalda

The Municipal Committee of Jhalda is committed towards providing, adequate healthcare facilities to the residents of the city and for people coming from outside. The main Government Hospital in Jhalda is the Jhalda Municipal Hospital, having the provision of providing medical treatment for general diseases and in case of emergencies. Besides this a few private nursing homes & clinics are present in Jhalda, offering healthcare facilities and medical care; these are equipped with the latest medical equipments and a well qualified staff. Below are some of the main hospitals in Jhalda town:

Jhalda Municipal Hospital
Address: Jhalda, Dist. Purulia West Bengal- 723202, India

Laxminarayan Arogya Niketan Nursing Home (Hospital)
Address: Station Road, Jhalda, Dist. – Purulia - 723202

Khanna Nursing Home (Multi Speciality Centre)
Address: GT Road, Jhalda, Dist. – Purulia - 723202

Banking Services in Jhalda

To help the residents of Jhalda city in meeting their day-to-day Banking and Financial services needs, a number of reputed Private & Public Banks have opened branches here. Some of the major banks operating in Jhalda are:

State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch: Jhalda
Address: Namoparamain Road, Jhalda, Purulia
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: SBIN0007101 / 723002508 / 007101
Contact: 03254-255165, IP:750598

Branch: Ichag
Address: Jhalda, Purulia - 723202
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: SBIN0009323 / 723002514 / 009323
Contact: 03254-255096, 9732167057

United Bank of India (UBI)
Branch: Jhalda
Address: Ranchi Road, PO - Jhalda, Purulia
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: UTBI0JHD284 / NON-MICR / JHD284
Contact: (03254) 255254

West Bengal State Coop. Bank
Branch: Jhalda
Address: Purulia Main Road, PO - Jhalda, Purulia
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: WBSC0PCCB04 / NON-MICR / PCCB04
Contact: Tele-Fax-03252 222204 M-9932344153

Bank of India (BOI)
Branch: Jhalda
Address: Municipal Complex, Ranchi - Purulia Main Road, Ward No. 5, PO - Jhalda, Purulia
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKID0004183 / 723013502 / 004183
Contact: 9434827761

Canara Bank
Branch: Jhalda
Address: Namopara, PO - Jhalda, Purulia
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: CNRB0004405 / NON-MICR / 004405
Contact: cb4405@canarabank.com

Hotels & Restaurants in Jhalda

A number of hotels & restaurants are present in Jhalda to make your stay comfortable.These hotels provide all the basic facilities supported by a courteous and polite staff. Some of the main hotels & restaurants in Jhalda include:

Yovaraj Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Jhalda, Main Road, Jhalda, Purulia - 723202
Contact: +(91)-9641770841

Mura Hotel
Address: Purulia Road, Tulin, West Bengal - 723212

Hotel Hill View
Address: S. G. Jalan Rd, Jhalida, West Bengal 723202
Contact: 03254 255 062

Transportation in Jhalda

Jhalda is well connected to the cities of Purulia and Bokaro by rail network; Bokaro Steel City Station is nearly 36 kms from Jhalda. The nearest railway station is the Jhalda Railway Station, lying between Muri & Bokaro Steel City Stations. It falls under the Ranchi section of South Eastern Railway Division of the Indian Railways. Electrified local passenger trainsrin on regular intervals connecting Jhalda to nearby locations. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi situated at a distance of 74 kilometres is the nearest airport to Jhalda Station; on reaching here once can travel further to Jhalda by road or rail. By road Jhalda town is well-connected to all nearby towns & villages and the rest of India by a network of roads and highways. Local transportation like rickshaws, taxis & bus services are easily available to travel within and around the city.

Jhalda Railway Station
Location : Jhalda, Purulia district, West Bengal, India
Station code : JAA
Zone(s) : South Eastern Railway
Division(s) : Ranchi Division

Shopping in Jhalda

Jhalda town is a tourist’s delight when it comes to shopping; one can shops for unique local handicrafts majorly made from terracotta and lac. The narrow by-lanes of Jhalda are dotted by small shops selling all items of daily requirements as well as traditional art & craft pieces.

Jhalda at a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : Purulia
Population (2011) : 19,544
Languages : Bengali, English
Telephone code : +91 3254
Vehicle registration : WB 56
Lok Sabha constituency : Purulia
Vidhan Sabha constituency : Baghmundi, Joypur
Places to See: Sirkabad, Ajodhya Hills, Balarampur Temples, Muruguma
Assembly Constituency: Baghmundi
Total Area: 290 km2

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